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Kim Ranjbar

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Slurping wetly and noisily at the nourishment that is New Orleans.

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Toupscracklinsfeatured article

Crazy-Good Cracklins

Snapping, popping, still warm from the fryer … who doesn’t like cracklins? A Southern favorite and a Southern Louisiana specialty, cracklins are deep fried bliss for any pork-lover and an item that has crept its way back on the menu of several restaurants in the Greater New Orleans Area.

Paladar511piefeatured article

Three Primo Places for Pie

Our country has an obsession for pizza and New Orleans is no exception. Over the past couple of years, our city has seen a virtual explosion of pizzerias, all determined to out-pie the last with authentic, wood-fired ovens, crust that is hand-made daily and a bevvy of fresh, local ingredients.

Kebab1featured article

For the Love of Falafel

Crispy, crunchy and often drizzled with tahini sauce, falafel are tasty lunch option whether you’re a vegetarian or not.